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Wonderful Christmas Gifts for Girls and Boys - Dolls and Stuffed

The number one wonderful gift most every girl and boy has received is a doll or stuffed bear that ends up being their most cherished toy. I can remember getting a doll as a little girl and taking her every where I would go. I named my doll Susie. Susie's eyes would close when she laid down to rest and pop open when it was time to 'pretend' to eat. My love for Susie was one of the first things I can remember and I continue to cherish the memory still today. My grandmother had crocheted a dress for Susie. I can still remember the wonderful Christmas morning my special gift arrived. Most boys and girls love to play house and play dress up with dolls and stuffed animals, while making sure they take their precious stuffed animals everywhere they go.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year to give the gift of dolls or stuffed bears to little boys and girls, whether it is a new idea, or adding another to the much loved collection or a replacement for a long lost doll or stuffed animal. The relationship between a boy or girl and their doll can start out a little shaky as minor mishaps may happen, such as the dolls or stuffed bears hair being pulled out or competition on the play baby bottle or any accessory. Yet as time progresses the love can grow into complete devotion.

Many parents know if the bond between the doll and bear becomes so strong then many extra trips will be made back to the house, store or sitter's house to retrieve the forgotten doll or stuffed bear or perhaps many hours could be spent in search for the beloved doll or stuffed animal. My son and his wife we very thoughtful for the stuffed animal loved so dearly by my grandson, which was a Halloween masked stuffed bear. He fondly named the stuffed bear Boo and became inseparable for several years. My son and his wife made sure they had more than one stuffed Boo so when misplacement took place, they had the extra one ready to step in until the miss placed doll or bear could be found. What a great idea!! When it was time for the stuffed bear to take a long clean bath another bear was provided to love and comfort my grandson. You just can never underestimate the love and devotion that builds between boys and girls with their beloved doll or stuffed animal.