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When One Law of Attraction Book is Not Enough

Ever feel that just when you think you know everything about attracting success something new goes wrong? This is when you decide it is time to go find a new Law of Attraction book. Perhaps there is some new insight or discovery you need to learn.

You have probably heard of the major books by Abraham Hicks, Michael Losier and the all time favorite, "The Secret," by Rhonda Byrne.

When I went to buy a new Law of Attraction book, I found something I did not expect. I found "Burying The Secret," by Carol Rutter.

The book basically parallels what I have come to discover in my own life. There is more to getting what you want in life than simply reciting affirmations or thinking about it constantly.

Carol and I both lost most of our money following the think positive posits inherent within Law of Attraction books. The more she thought positive things, the more she lost and so did I.

The traditional approach to attraction techniques worked wonders for me when I was younger. It seemed I could fail at nothing. Some of my accomplishments included honor grades in school using self hypnosis. I found and married my husband using a positive thinking technique. I even managed to retire early with a hefty nest egg using a guided visualization.

However, after attaining all of this, "life lessons" cropped into the picture. I lost my marriage, my entire retirement nest egg and even my ability to manifest using traditional attraction techniques. This forced me to go a little deeper.

The only thing I could do was give into the situation. I decided to not resist the lessons inherent in these losses. I wanted to see what was missing from what I thought I knew.

Carol Rutter says in her book, "Burying The Secret," that we have come to our lives here on earth with something more than a simple tool to think it into existence. We have come to earth to evolve through lessons, soul purpose and karma.

One very powerful way to live through and above our karma is to learn how to be happy no matter what our circumstances. Abraham Hicks advises this in their work.

When you are "happy" you are automatically in synch with your life purpose. If you begin to remain happy continuously, you will find Law of Attraction book concepts will begin to work automatically for you.

It would take volumes to completely discuss this subject in depth. Suffice it to say, if you learn to stay happy, while asking for what you want using techniques discussed in these books, your life will begin to show signs of real magic.