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Choosing a Life Coach Certification

Helping people realize and reach their maximum potential is a special and rewarding endeavor. A career as a life coach is thought provoking and inspiring. Guiding individuals through the process takes a creative approach to life's many obstacles. When potentials clients choose a coach it's been found they seek coaches with proper credentials and certifications.

Depending on the program requirements to become a coach. Religious based certification programs have vastly different requisites than secular programs. Common to both religious and secular programs prior secondary education or specific job skills are usually not needed. Life coaching is an ideal choice for those looking to change careers or re-enter the workforce. Contingent on the program a certification can be earned in less than a year. Many programs have online courses supplemented with teleconferencing. When deciding on a program it's important to know if the certification is recognized at the state, national or international level.

A coach generally focuses on either a clients professional or personal life. Deciding which arena to practice can help differentiate the best training program. Coaches who focus on career management are in high demand.

Founded in 1995 the International Coach Federation is the leading global organization for life coaches. The federation was founded to create standards, provide independent certification, advance the art and science of professional coaching and create a worldwide network. Before diving into a certification program the ICF is an excellent source of information and mentoring.

Obtaining a certification is the best way to enter into the fulfilling career of coaching. The institutes offering credentialing courses are plentiful and diverse. Choose a program based on specific career goals rather than the time it takes to complete or the cost. Coaches are in high demand as is the need to have a coach certification.