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Adidas Evil Eye Pro Sunglasses - How Do They Match Up?

So how does the Adidas Evil Eye Pro stack up to bike riding elite manufacturers like Rudy Project, Oakley, Briko, Bolle, Specialized, and Cat-Like. These are the main players for sunglasses for cyclists. Oakley was the first and pioneer when the trend was started by Australian Phil Anderson back in the day. Now days I never leave the house for a ride without my sunglasses and neither does anyone I ever ride with.

In the beginning the glasses were big, uncomfortable and not very usable for a cyclist. The fit was uncomfortable and they definitely did not qualify you for the fashion magazines. Today the story is a ton different, triathlon and cyclist glasses are made to be worn with a helmet and they come in a ton of styles that are super cool to be worn out on the town as well.

Usually bike shades come with lenses that can be changed out in case you're riding and the weather changes, so on a cloudy day or if you take them into the woods on a mountain bike, I usually switch to the clear lenses to protect my eyes from trees, bugs and the occasional rock. Without them I really feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

The Adidas Evil Eye Pro are incredibly light, and come with all the bell and whistles of your top players, including adjustable frames and a fit that work perfectly when you're riding. Lastly they are super light and comfortable and less likely to fall off compared to your store bought pair of shades.